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Amplify 05 Seated Chest Press + Lat Pull Down

Amplify 05 Seated Chest Press + Lat Pull Down

The Amplify Series Plate Loaded Chest Press and Lat Pulldown has independent movement and diverging pulling and pushing angles to increase the range of motion of the exercise. Regressive strength curve reduces force at the bottom part of the movement to allow for a deeper workout. Traditional wide grip position and narrow (palms facing) grip position provide users with multiple exercise options.

Standard Frame Colors
Upholstery Options
Frame and Finish Oversized 4x2-inch frames are 11 and 8-gauge steel and welded in all structural areas. Powder coated frames.
Instructional Placard Easy to understand exercise placards feature large set-up and start and finish position diagrams that are visibly easy to identify.
Bolt Down Capability Yes
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